The Ultimate Caribbean Wet fete

Bacchanal Sunday “The Road To Jouvert Morning Splash”was a new and vibrant event being brought to

St Maarten Carnival in 2016.

The name Bacchanal Sunday  is self explanatory: Water Trucks, Live Bands, Wet Fete.But to elaborate some more the concept of Bacchanal Sunday is a chain of events the Kalaboom Team have created after the first edition of Jouvert Morning Splash back in 2013. Once the gates opened at 6:00 pm the crowd flocked into the village already filling the venue. The water truck, foam pit and pool was set and ready to go.


After that night the #1 Soca Website Trini Jungle labeled Bacchanal Sunday as the ultimate wet fete of the caribbean, the 2016 performers King Bubba, Teddyson John, Machel Montano’s official dj Dj Stephen,

Cloud 5 and Fadda Fox could not wait to go on Instagram and talk about their experience.


With a 80% local crowd the event was rated as one of the most enjoyed events of 2016 Carnival.


The Kalaboom Team will be doubling the fun for 2017 which means two pools, multiple water trucks, two foam pits and more. The event is not a concert, its an experience, its a fete.