All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges for purchased tickets.


Cancelled or rescheduled events

Cancelled events: If an event is cancelled refunds for that event will be available for a limited time as announced. Refunds for a cancelled event will only be processed during a specified and limited time. After this time period has passed refunds for the cancelled event will no longer be issued.


Rescheduled events: If an event must be rescheduled tickets purchased for the original event date will be honored on the new event date. Refunds for a rescheduled event will only be processed during a specified and limited time. After this time period has passed refunds for the rescheduled event will no longer be issued.


Inclement weather: Only during extreme inclement weather conditions will events be cancelled or postponed. Rain or hurricane in and of themselves are not considered inclement weather. Ticket holders can call our information line for updated information on closings and cancellations.


Lost/stolen/defaced tickets

Lost, stolen or defaced tickets will not be reissued.


Tickets not received by mail

In the event tickets are lost, stolen, defaced or not received by mail clients must contact the KALABOOM EVENTS TEAM  immediately at .If a ticket is reissued the original ticket will be voided.



The following discounts may be available on an event-by-event basis. Please refer to for specific event discounts.



Groups are recognized as 10 or more people attending the same event. Group tickets are not available online.



Group tickets

Some events have tickets available at discount prices for groups of 10 or more. Group tickets can be purchased at the address  or by phone.

Group tickets must be picked up by a single representative of the group who in turn will be responsible for the distribution of the tickets to group members. Group tickets cannot be picked up by individual members of a group. The group representative picking up   tickets must present a photo ID.



An e-ticket will be issued for online customers. E-tickets contain a bar code that will be scanned at the entrance of the event venue. Online customers are responsible for printing their own e-ticket(s) and bringing the e-ticket(s) to the event. E-tickets can be accessed and printed from the Checkout Confirmation page at the conclusion of the online checkout process. E-ticket(s) must be presented at the entrance of the event venue for admission to the event.

Ticket Sales Policies